Our goal is to create a global hospitality brand that embodies the very best in modern Indian service ethos, leads as an innovative management company and evolves with the ever-changing needs of the modern traveller. By discovering what genuinely shapes our guests’ travel experiences, we believe our honest and accessible approach can redefine modern day hospitality. Aiana is characterised by an enduring passion to create rich guest experiences whilst contributing positively to their communities and the environment.

From our intelligent management model to the smart design of our properties, everything we do is honest, innovative and enriching for the guest. We are a global hospitality brand with a difference.

The Aiana Signature

Our Core Values

  • We believe in authenticity. Wherever the Aiana journey takes us, we’re inspired by local architecture, people and surroundings. No two locations are ever the same, making each Aiana experience unique with an individual sense of place. Our distinctive style of service is both honest and real; inspired by our Indian ethos and centred around the guest.

  • We’re intuitive. Like our hotels and resorts, we know that no two individuals are the same. You can count on us to anticipate our guests’ needs- it’s all part of the Aiana ethos.

  • We know how to adapt what we do to meet the changing needs of our guests. And we make it our mission to respond discreetly and in good time. We’re not afraid of change.

  • From the environment to the community, to our dedicated team, we nurture all who play a part in the Aiana story. Motivated to learn and encouraged to grow. Our team members are the very heart and soul of Aiana, and we believe that it’s our job to help them reach their full potential.

  • The all-encompassing Aiana experience is accessible to all. Comfortable and engaging, tailored to each guest. We’ve mastered the art of authentic, modern-day, Indian-inspired hospitality. We show no pretence- we’re transparent in all that we do.