Setting the standard for modern Indian hospitality around the world is an aptitude founded in both experience and ambition. Aiana is powered and driven by a world-class team of experts, thinkers and entrepreneurs who all share the same deeply rooted passion for intuitive hospitality, and ultimately the Aiana vision.

Chaired by one of the most revered icons of the business world, H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, Aiana embodies his spirit, passion and innovation. With over 20 landmark properties to his name and years of experience in real estate, construction, trading and transportation, the Aiana legacy has already begun. His vision is matched by the entrepreneurial initiative, ambition and fresh thinking of 3rd generation hotelier Amruda Nair to place Aiana at the forefront of the lifestyle hospitality sector. We’ve assembled the team and now we are ready to share the best of modern Indian hospitality with the world.

Down to our roots, you will find meaning in everything we do, the words we speak and all that we offer. Our name is no exception. More than just a name, ‘Aiana’ represents both a lifestyle and an experience. Meaning both ‘eternal blossom’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit, and ‘a place of refuge or retreat’, we are characterised by these concepts. Equipped with the inspiration to pursue our unique vision, this is where the Aiana story began.