4 January 2017 | News

Aiana Hotels strategy 2.0

In late 2015, Aiana Hotels & Resorts joint managing director and CEO Amruda Nair met with Hotelier Qatar to discuss her entrepreneurial ambition of ‘challenging the hospitality status quo’ in Qatar — a year later and her progress has exceeded all expectations. “We’re kicking off phase two now. We have got a little over 1,000 rooms under management at the moment, eight hotels across three jurisdictions, so it has been busy months since we last spoke,” Nair begins.

Among the many noteworthy developments, perhaps the most prominent is the recent shift in gears, from seeking greenfield projects in phase one, to rebranding existing properties in phase two of its strategy. “Originally I was keen on greenfield projects that were built for us and that could demonstrate what our brand stood for, but now that we have got enough properties under management that can showcase what our brand is all about; phase two is going to look at existing hotels that can be reflagged under Aiana.”

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